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Fotokunstwerk 'Another day in paradise'
  • Limited edition.
  • Geleverd met certificaat van echtheid.
Bekijk ook de sepia variant van Another day in Paradise.

Gratis thuisbezorgd!

Extra imponerend door het grote formaat!   

Op hoogwaardige manier op acrylglas ontwikkeld en aan de achterzijde voorzien van een aluminium ophangsysteem. Mooie, strakke fotokunst.

200 x 100 cm  -  €1990
250 x 120 cm  -  €2990

"What's better than a Universe? A Multiverse. A collection of parallel universes. Time. Space. Reality. It's more than a straight path. Imagina a world of endless posibilities, where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities and create alternate worlds.

In what ways would your life be different in other realities? We all exist in one. And in each universe we all play a different role. What if...? Every day wouldn't be like any other. Every day would be just another day in paradise."




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